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Freight Brokerage Services

CLI  has an experienced professional freight brokerage team, one that makes handling truckload shipments look easy. We have built an extensive carrier network and our customers are able to benefit from leveraging this. Our unique relationships with partners ranging from the highest quality national carriers to smaller owner-operators allow us to provide flexible solutions that meet your company’s truckload capacity needs. You can trust our professionals to deliver top-shelf service, handling your company’s truckload shipments with all required detail and expected integrity.



Flatbeds are typically used to move machinery, construction material, equipment, and lumber. We have a large fleet of standard flatbed trailers to ship your loads. Our carriers have the specialized skill set to haul, secure and maneuver loads properly, ensuring you receive your shipment in good condition at the other end.


Perishable goods are usually shipped in a refrigerated van or a “reefer”. Whether you need fresh produce, beverages, flowers or pharmaceutical drugs - any commodity that needs the right temperature or humidity levels, then using a reefer is for you. We have a large network of refrigerated carriers providing food grade and temperature controlled trailers that protect your goods from any spoilage or damage.

Dry Vans

Dry vans are the most common freight shipping method in the US. It is used to move large shipments of palletized general goods and packaged freight, such as electronics, clothes and other commodities. Dry vans protect goods from the weather, and is a secure way of shipping your cargo. Typically, they can cater for 26 pallets of cargo, or 45,000 lbs of non-perishable goods. 

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